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Back-end Developer

Back-end Developer | PHP | Laravel | Javascript | NodeJS | Express



I started programming in college, in the Computer Science course. In the same year, I had my first internship opportunity in the field at a small company called TJC, responsible for e-commerce at LOGnature At this stage, I took my first steps in PHP, I learned to do a CRUD and to work with the CakePHP framework, I was also able to learn the basic concepts of SQL, HTML and CSS.

In my second internship opportunity, at Banco do Brasil, I was also focused on PHP There I developed an internal blog, a medical schedule for employees, a search engine and contract generator and a program that read and registered barcodes, with which it was possible to streamline the inventory of equipment and furniture in the sector.

My next work journey was at Ink Co., where I developed landing pages and blogs using PHP, HTML and CSS.

Afterwards, I had a work experience at the company Empresta Bem Melhor, where I was part of the e-commerce team, focused on selling withdrawals from the Brazilian guarantee fund for length of service. In this e-commerce, I used the Laravel stack, VueJS and MySQL. In addition to the e-commerce, I developed the Empresta blog in Laravel and VueJS and an affiliate system using the Ecommerce API where I gave the opportunity to other businesses to offer the brazilian guarantee fund as a payment method to the customer.

In my most recent role, I performed maintenance and refactoring on an API to track employee time in Laravel, at the company Mensis.


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Job Experience

Mensis - Back-end Developer - (Apr/2023 - Jul/2023)

- Maintenance and refactoring of an employee time tracking API in Laravel

Empresta Bem Melhor - Junior Software Developer - (12/2021 - 04/2023)

- Work in the e-commerce of the withdrawal of the Brazilian guarantee fund for length of service: the application received data through the API (in Laravel) from telesales, treated the lead with proof of life, the documents were obtained and the sale was completed online. The e-commerce was developed in Laravel and VueJs;

- Maintenance and support for Ecommerce in Wordpress

Ink Co. - Web Developer - (09/2020 - 11/2021)

- Development of landing pages and blogs in PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript;

- Maintenance and support for Ecommerce in Wordpress.

Banco do Brasil - Web Development Intern - (02/2015 - 02/2017)

- Development in PHP of the internal blog for employees;

- Development of a calendar for medical scheduling of employees;

- Internal contracts report generator in PHP.

TJC - Web Development Intern - (06/2014 - 12/2014)

- Development of CRUD with PHP;

- Development of views in HTML and CSS;

- Ecommerce development in CakePHP, MySQL.

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portfolio landing pages empresta

E-commerce Empresta

I participated in the e-commerce development team of the company Empresta. The objective of the e-commerce was to improve the customer's experience in obtaining the anniversary withdrawal from the Brazilian guarantee fund for length of service. The e-commerce was implemented in Laravel and the Frontend in VueJS.

See demo

Landing Pages Empresta

I took over the reformulation of some pages of the Empresta website:

Blog Empresta

I produced the Empresta Blog in PHP, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

See demo

API My Contacts

API in NodeJS with Express, to manage personal contacts.

See the code


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